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Tour FAQs Over 2500 Authentic Gifts from the Holy Land

Not all tours are created equal! Here are some questions to ask when considering a trip to Israel:

Is the company reputable with a good track record of success, based on those who have gone in the past?

All tours are arranged through Friendly Planet Travel, a company that takes pride in consistently providing the finest, customized Biblical Study Tours possible.

What kind of accommodations are included? Is there a difference?

Accommodations are in first class hotels, in twin-bedded rooms with private facilities.

What experiences are included? Is this a "wholesale" tour? What encounters are included to help you gain the maximum from the tour sites?

"Wholesale" is not a word you want in a Biblical Study Tour. People can be wholesaled through famous sites, feeling like cattle being herded around, and miss the tremendous opportunities to encounter the Scriptures. Experiences can be designed to help ensure meaningful encounters with the Bible, the land of the Bible, the culture of the Bible, and the God of the Bible. It takes energy, desire, and expertise to generate such encounters.

Will I receive personal attention? Will my questions and concerns be attended to before, during, and after the tour?

We provide carefully prepared materials to ensure the greatest learning experience possible. Dr. Pederson is available by phone or e-mail to answer any concerns about the tour.