Biblical Encounters

Taking you into the Biblical world

Letter to Pastors

Dear Pastors,

For nearly twenty years I have been involved in a fascinating ministry in leading people on Biblical Study Tours to Israel and the Biblical lands. In the process I have discovered that all tours are not created equal. I interact almost daily with individuals who were herded through well-known sites in Israel, almost like cattle, on a wholesale-type tour. After comparing what they experienced with a Biblical Encounters tour they nearly always lament that they feel cheated, especially after they discover what a tour can actually cost!

What I am saying is that I would like to be a resource to you. I can help you experience Israel and the Biblical lands in ways that will totally revolutionize your Christian life and your Bible-teaching ministry as a pastor. Some ways I can help include:

  • Taking you on a special pastors tour at a greatly reduced price
  • Helping you host a tour where you can bring some of your family and/or parishioners, without having to organize and lead the tour
  • Linking you up with other pastors to collectively co-host a Biblical Study Tour, in which I organize all the details of the trip
  • Providing top notch resources for helping people to prepare for a Biblical Study Tour in ways that will ensure maximum spiritual growth and Biblical learning
  • Training you to organize and lead your own tour
  • Connecting you with the best agencies and organizations to ensure that your tour experience is more that simply being herded through the popular sites
  • Directing you to a variety of encounters, not included in typical tours, that can really make the experience live for you and your group
  • Assisting you to creatively design an affordable Biblical Study Tour experience for your congregation
  • Providing study materials that you can use for preparation meetings with your group

Biblical Study Tours can cover Israel, Greece, Turkey, Rome, Jordan or Egypt. Even a day in Amsterdam to visit the homes of Anne Frank and Corrie Ten Boom may easily be included in any tour, at little extra cost. In addition, stops anywhere in Europe can be arranged. Something that can really make a tour special is to incorporate a ministry component by spending a few days in Israel or elsewhere helping a missionary or ministry with which you are acquainted.

Why do I do this? It's because I personally have had life-changing encounters with God and His Word through my travels in the Biblical lands, and I have seen many others experience the same thing. God has led me into a ministry of helping people like you share this experience.

If I can be of any help to you in any way, please feel free to contact me. I am here to make sure you succeed in your desire to experience the Biblical lands and to bring parishioners and other friends on their own trip of a lifetime.

Your fellow servant in the Gospel,
Dr Dale Pederson