Biblical Encounters

Taking you into the Biblical world


"Our trip to Israel will always be a highlight in our travel experiences. Going to Israel was like going back to our homeland."
- Rev Arlo Fioch, Bemidji, Minnesota

"I am still in awe of the things we saw and did and heard and ate. I still pinch myself that it really happened. I'll never look at anything quite the same way again."
- Julie Munro, Libby, Montana

"For a trip of a lifetime, go with Dale Pederson to Israel. It is very informative, and will make the Bible come alive. Go, even if you have to borrow the money. You will not be sorry."
- Rev Bill Goodman, Bemidji, Minnesota

"The tour was an incredible experience. We received far more than the cost we paid for the tour. Much planning had gone into the whole tour for it to go so smoothly...The whole trip was one we will never forget!"
- John and Shirley from Washington

"If I could eat breakfast every day in Israel I would be happier - and heavier! I would visit Israel again, any chance I get, to know the land of the people... and to better know my Lord."
- Phyllis Patroskie, Deer Park, Washington

"Awesome? Enchanted? Spectacular? Incredible? Breathtaking? Exciting? Fascinating? I am unable to describe the feeling. There is not a word or group of words that can adequately describe the feeling of being in, seeing, feeling, experiencing Israel."
- Walt Patroskie, Deer Park, Washington

"I saw that place. I wept at that place. I was blessed at that place. And by the grace of God, I will return to that place again some day."
- Rev Rick Ricci, Deer Park, Washington

"The experience I had on this Israel tour had a far reaching effect into my life. I want to go again, and take my wife with me, as we walk together through the pages of the Word of God."
- Rev Rich Schwartz, Billings, Montana

"Our guides and drivers were tops... For us it was an incredible experience... This trip brought us closer to the reality of Christ's life on earth... Thank you for the trip of a lifetime."
- Bob and Anita Ward, Bozeman, Montana

"It was a 'never to be forgotten' experience - Well planned, well executed, and... very luxurious... The presence of the Lord was very real. It was a very informative trip - one that I will always treasure."
- Chuck and Harriet Ward, Billings, Montana

"I truly enjoyed the trip to Israel and Dr. Pederson was a wonderful asset to the tour. I wish it was longer. Now I have to go back!"
- Trudy Fueg, Columbia, California

"It was one of the greatest trips I have ever taken. Visiting the ruins of ancient cities, seeing the waters, the Holy City, streets where Jesus walked - has thrilled me. Thank you."
- Dorothy Biers, Sturgis, North Dakota

"The trip did exactly as Dale had predicted... opened up the Scriptures and made us so hungry for God's Word. As we read the Bible now we always have a map and a Bible dictionary in hand."
- Bill Weaver, Soap Lake, Washington

"I am looking forward to how this trip will enhance my present ministry. I am grateful to God for making possible this Holy Land experience the generosity of our church family."
- Rev Gordy Wipps, Ephrata, Washington

"I will never forget our ride over the old Jericho road, or the taste of falafel, or the streets of old Jerusalem...or the garden tomb. I want to treasure each moment, store it away in my heart and take it out, piece by piece, over the rest of my lifetime to enjoy...The emotions that sweep over my mind and heart are thankfulness to God for the opportunity to go to the Holy Land, a longing to go back, and a deeper understanding of the Scriptures."
- Ginger Work, Grangeville, Idaho

"The trip was like a semester of Bible school crammed into one week. Scripture came alive with new meaning as I saw the land and events through the eyes of our excellent guide. Words cannot express fully the thankfulness I feel for being part of this group. I learned so much. My eyes were opened to the Scriptures in new ways. It was tremendous."
- Rev Dan Work, Grangeville, Idaho

"...the trip was perfect in every way. We enjoyed reminiscing over our eleven rolls of pictures last night. Thank you for all you did to make the trip a success...We feel so blessed to have been aboard."
- Dianne Shoe, Michigan

"My trip with you will be in my heart, mind and soul forever. Thanks for making a difference. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!"
- Vicki Kinzer, Leavenworth, Washington

"As one who experienced the tour to Israel, I can say what an incredible experience it was for me. Each day the thrill of being there and seeing, feeling, and touching so much even gets stronger. We have organized our slides and while doing so have increased our knowledge and wonder of the land of Israel and her people... As you had said, reading the Bible now is so exciting, as those places and our Lord are so much more real... I am so hungry for more and more about the Lord... I thank you for all you did to make this tour possible."
- Shirley McRae, Deer Park, WA